Conference News

PhD. Reza Azmi, Prof. Murgayya S Basavankattimath, Dr. Habib Hamdi will Be Present At ICMSE2024 Conference!

ICMSE2024 will be held in a more convenient online way on June 27, 2024 in Beijing Time. This conference is hosted by International Association of Management Science and Engineering Technology. It's our honor to invite PhD. Reza Azmi, Prof. Murgayya S Basavankattimath, Dr. Habib Hamdi as keynote speakers to deliver their speeches at this conference.

PhD. Reza Azmi received the doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering, Applied design/dynamics, control and vibrations, Sahand University of Technology-Tabriz, Iran.His research interest is Regenerative active suspension system, Vibration energy harvesting, Vibration and Control, Optimal control, Active control etc. Now, he is working at Ifa Sanat Taba Engineering and Services Company as a Condition Monitoring Engineer, including corrective maintenance (CM), preventive maintenance (PM) and condition based monitoring (CBM).

Dr. Murgayya S Basavankattimath currently works as the Head and Associate Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, KLS Vishwanathrao Deshpande Institute of Technology, Haliyal. He is certified Vibration Analyst from Council of Vibration Specialist, Mumbai and worked as Consultant (Vibration Analyst) for many reputed companies to name a few Triveni Turbines, Siemens Turbines, KMF, NIDEC Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation and many more. His research interests include Vibration Monitoring, Rotordynamics and Reliability Engineering. He has published 7 journal articles, 2 book chapters and 2 patents. Dr. Murgayya S Basavankattimath also participated in international and national conferences, and gave his speeches. He severs as the guest editor for Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control. He is the official partner of some journals, such as Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, Journal of Vibration & Control, Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies, etc.

Dr. Habib Hamdi is an assistant professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Al-Qayrawan Tunisia, Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology. He specializes in Electrical Engineering (Automatic), and in 2022, he got the HDR diploma. At the same time, he is a researcher at LSA Tunisia Polytechnic School, research topics including Linear and nonlinear dynamic systems, singular systems, LPV, delayed systems, etc. In the past, he has published more than 10 journal papers and more than 10 conferences papers.